The purpose of this page is to give clear boundaries to everyone who enters my space physically or energetically.Β This way, we can maintain a space that is as safe as possible for everyone.


When you're a client and you simply like to be prepared...

One-way Touch
During a session, please understand that it is one-way touch only. It may happen that you become aroused and automatically want to reciprocate touch. This is a healthy reaction from your system. However, I trust that you can contain this longing and simply receive.

Educational Touch

In some cases, mild touch is allowed when it serves educational purposes. For example, when you'd like to learn new ways of exploring a body through conscious touch, or when you want to learn about voicing boundaries. This will limit to neutral places on my body only. I will be very clear on how to execute these practices so you and I can both feel safe :)

No sexual interaction

Please know that I am a tantrika and bodyworker who supports you in rediscovering your (erotic) self and find healing. I am not a sex worker and I don't engage in sexual activities. I'm very certain there are other beautiful people - also professional sex workers - out there who can satisfy you that way with all their hearts.

No dating

Yes, a session may stir up feelings of intimacy and love. And it's all real! For that moment, it's yours to cherish. For clarity's sake though; I don't date or become romantically involved with my clients. Any romantic feelings you may encounter within yourself are the result of what they call 'transference'. We will close each session properly to make sure there are no strings attached.

When you're not a client and may have sent meΒ messages that crossed a line...


Hidden Agenda

Unclear messages (email, dm's on Facebook or Instagram) with merely 'hi' or 'how are you doing?' will not evoke a response from my side. I've learned that mostly there's a hidden agenda behind those kind of approaches. I'm not available for that. My lack of response doesn't mean I'm unfriendly; it means that I have no need to share my wellbeing with you. You don't have a right to my time and attention; I invest my time and attention in my clients and the people who are serious about working with me. If you have a question that's related to working with me, please be clear and straightforward from the start and ask your question in the first message.

Unsollicited Sexual Innuendo

Asking me sexual questions without knowing me, sending me dickpics without consent, telling me all the things you'd like to do to my body while we never met, even covering it with a layer of tantra... Examples of unsollicited sexual innuendos that are offensive and crossing the line. Me being a professional in the world of tantra or sexuality doesn't give you the right to treat me as an object you can throw your sexual desires at without asking for consent. Please let this be the last time you approach another human like this.