Couples Connecting Deeper

The joy of consciously connecting. Discovering new ways of immersing in your lovership. To revive the spark. Or maybe even deepen it. While you set aside all those dynamics that stand in the way of truly seeing each other. Really making a moment to be. In togetherness.


That's it.

A Sacred Union

Seeing each other in a new light | Communicating more openly | Connecting on a new level

It’s such a cliché, but life does get in the way of deep intimacy sometimes. You work. You raise kids. You organize the home. Where does that leave time for you as a couple? And even if there is time, do you have the energy?

And what about breaking the habit of how you connect; does that work or do you fall back into old patterns that may include blaming, guilt-tripping or perhaps a mismatch in desire for physical connection? Do you know what you want and ask for it with your partner?

In a long-term (or even a new!) relationship the desire for intimacy and connection is often quite similar on both ends. It’s the way of creating this intimacy that may differ. The good news is that there’s a huge spectrum of options to find mutual satisfaction that you may not know of yet.

Sometimes, exploring this with a professional can give new ideas to take home with you. In a private couple session we find what makes you both tick, creating an experience that deepens your connection instantly.

“Consciously creating a moment of deep intimacy is such a gift for you and your partner(s). It can be like meeting each other all over again…”

"What would you like to experience?"

It’s the first question I’ll ask you at the start of this private tantra session.
Some people have a clear intention, others have no clue.

If you have no idea yet, no worries. Let me give you some of the most desired outcomes.
Perhaps it will inspire you!

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… Every Deep Dive session is different and might bring up different emotions or experiences. This is the beauty of it. We decide together what you want to focus on and we'll take it from there. 

No opportunity to come over? Check out what an online session can do!


Let's take a closer look
at some options...


Tantra: deeper connection

Tantra is a spiritual path that leads to liberation and expansion. Movement, sound and breath are basic pillars in tantra. It is your Intention and the level of Attention that can turn anything into a sacred, tantric experience.

During a session we can choose to do some tantric practices with the aim to connect more deeply, discover unspoken desires or maybe learn new ways of being intimate. We can do this through conscious touch, communication exercises, movement, breathing, shibari and even sacred BDSM / Conscious Kink.

These practices can help you rekindle or deepen the spark with your partner. Tantra can be a beautiful entrance to seeing each other in a new way. You discover how you can make each moment sacred.

Touch & Massage

Touch can be deeply healing, especially if it's given with unwavering presence. It can be profoundly pleasurable, sensual, can even help you rediscover new ways of connecting with each other.

Conscious touch and tantric massage both include my hands and arms touching your or your partner's body where it want to be touched. It can also include your partner's touch. This can be soft, intense, gentle, fiery, firm, fast, slow...

As we combine this with open communication on your desires, you can rediscover a new way of physical intimacy, while fully being met in what you want.


Play & Pleasure

I believe that our sexuality and desires are part of our human existence like any other part. Sexual energy is what created you in the first place... let's honor this life force energy!

If you desire to receive alternative forms of pleasure to increase or reconnect to your sexual energy, you're very welcome with me. Sacred BDSM, touch, shibari, but also tantric exercises are powerful ways to connect with yourself, with me as your supporter.

Please know that any form of touch is always one-way (not both) and in service of your intention. This is never about sex; I am quite confident that there are other beautiful people out there who’d be happy to nurture you that way.

Curious about online options? Go here!


Shibari: the Japanese art of bondage. It might sound like a paradox, but being tied up by somebody who is fully present with you and holds you in the process, can be exquisitely liberating.

Shibari sessions as a couple usually involve one of you being tied up and one of you being there as an active supporter who can come and play with you. Sharing this with your partner can be very reassuring, connective... maybe even arousing.

The intention can be to deepen trust and surrendering, to heal or to explore alternative forms of sexuality. Together, we create a scene that gives you both the experience you want.

Learn more about Shibari here.


Perhaps you may want to know this... Having been a communication specialist and (personal) leadership coach for many years now, and having investing loads in my personal and spiritual (tantric!) development, I happily bring in my wisdom and verbal coaching skills too. More about me here.

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It takes a lot of Trust

For you and your partner to be guided, maybe touched, supported and held by somebody you haven't met before. 
Especially when it comes to rope play, sacred BDSM or tantric touch, you want to feel safe. 
So here's my promise to you.

1 indiv session
Everything we do is within full, mutual consent. I will not make assumptions; I ask first.
2indiv session
I give you suggestions, based on my intuition, but you both choose. It’s your experience after all.
3indiv session
I regularly check in with you on how you're doing. You can always express if you want to change something.
4indiv session
Complete presence
When I'm with you, I'm with you. Unwavering presence is the key to creating a container that's as safe as possible.

Talk first?

Working on your lovership, facing your shadows, maybe even owning some hidden desires can bring things up. As an experienced Personal Leadership coach and tantrika, with knowledge of the nervous system and how trauma works, my aim is to create a space that's as safe as possible.

Please know that the intention is not to 'fix' anything; you're already whole. When I use the word' healing', it's not me doing the healing: it's you. I'm merely a vessel.

Even though this work can be therapeutic, I am not a therapist. If you have any deep, unresolved trauma, I recommend you see a professional therapist first.

Feeling a little hesitant still? Book a free 30-minute consultation first. No strings attached.

“Wanting to feel connected is a basic human need that we all have. We simply may differ in the way we want to connect. What if we could learn how to speak each other's language more?”

Here's how it works

We first start with about 30 to 45 minutes of you sharing what brought you both here. I'll ask questions to get to the core of what you want to experience. I'll give you suggestions on what we could do; we decide this together.
Intention setting
We set the intention for the session together. This is how we create a safe container for the three of us. I love making each moment special, so if you're open for it, we can do a little ritual. If this is not your style, no worries... we don't have to ;-)
Main Session
A session is mostly a combination of different tools that I have in my toolbox. We start slow so you can relax and feel safe and build it up from there. Usually, a session includes about three elements. Sometimes, new ideas may arise; you can ask to change our plan at any point.
You will get some time to integrate, and I will provide you with the aftercare you need. Something you can also give each other! Some holding, a blanket, a sip of water... just let me know what you need.
Closing the session
We close the session together with a small evaluation so you can share, followed by the closing ritual. This way, we all step into the world again without any strings left. Your session will have lasted 2,5-3 hours. I recommend you treat yourself to something peaceful and yummy. Don't do anything too intense after; let this all integrate.

If you have any other questions...

just book a free Zoom consultation or give me a call!