Fulfilled in Love


Fulfilled in Love is a customized, private journey for you and your partner to connect deeper to the energy of love - the energy we all know so well, yet can be cultivated so much more to increase satisfaction and connection in our relationship.


A Sacred Union

Seeing each other in a new light | Communicating more openly | Connecting on a new level

Reviving your Love

Oh how we love to give. And how, how sometimes this leaves us depleted. Perhaps you're both feeling that the balance is a little off. It might've become harder and harder to really find each other - perhaps also in the bedroom. To connect. Perhaps you're not communicating effectively, or you don't feel met in your needs.

The thing is: there's só much goodness too! It doesn't always have to mean there are big problems. There's love, a familiarity. And yet, you're also sensing that there could be more for the both of you. More adventure, more liveliness in love. An opportunity to deepen.

Starting Consciously

Perhaps you're in a new relationship. Everything is still very much alive, long-term dynamics haven't taken over yet, and you're both deeply longing to 'not let it fail this time'. Thank goodness this time it's really different... ;-)

Yes, you know very well that you're bringing yourself to this new relationship. You, with your patterns, quirks, conditioning. What if you'd find a way to relate more consciously and learn new ways to prevent the pain from the past? What if you'd set yourself up for deeper satisfaction and connection from the start?

The aim: A deeper sense of fulfillment in your relationship: Because you're curious to go deeper - not only because there's a 'problem'.

Here's some themes that we could work with

  • Stopping patterns such as over-giving
  • Understanding how your attachment style may influence your relationship
  • Increasing receptivity towards your partner's expression of love
  • Reconnecting to your own mature sovereignty to enhance the relationship
  • Learning how to play with polarity to elevate desire and enhance your sex life
  • Setting up new ways of connecting physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • Getting clarity on what you want - as a couple, as well as individually
  • Learning how to create safe spaces to communicate, e.g. with conflict
  • Learning how to feel and express desires, needs and boundaries
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"The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life."


What can you expect?


I'd be honored

...to become a part of your relationship journey. To guide you into the flow of love, as many have said is my purpose and greatest talent. In my 20 years as a communication specialist, leadership mentor and Life Designer there's always been one life area that kept fascinating me: romantic relationships. I now merge my experience and my passion with my tantric heart and wisdom to support you.

Please know that I am not a therapist.
I believe that therapy is very helpful, sometimes even needed if there are deeper issues at play. However, the work I bring can be therapeutic in many ways, as I merge different modalities, knowledge and experience to serve you in this part of your life.

I am currently part Esther Perel's ongoing program for professionals. She is one of the world's most renowned and bold relationship therapists, and has inspired me for the past ten years.

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It takes a lot of Trust

For you and your partner to be guided, supported and held by somebody you don't know that well yet. You're allowing me into one of the most intimate part of your life and I don't take that lightly. 
So here's my promise to you.

2indiv session
I give you suggestions, based on experience and intuition, but you both choose if this feels fitting.
1 indiv session
I'm happy to challenge you in a loving way to help you see a new path. Know that I'm always rooting for you both!
3indiv session
I regularly check in with you on how it's landing for you. You can always express if you don't feel comfortable.
4indiv session
Complete presence
When I'm with you, I'm with you. Unwavering presence is the key to creating a container that's as safe as possible.

Talk first?

Working on your relationship could bring things up. And you don't just go about trusting 'anyone'.

So how about we tune in first? Book a free 30-minute consultation. No strings attached.

“Wanting to feel connected is a basic human need that we all have. We simply may differ in the way we want to connect. What if we could learn how to speak each other's language more?”


Pilot pricing

Temporarily, the pricing for this couples program is equal to the price for individual work, meaning I will support you both for the price of one. 

Choose one of these packages:

  • 3 sessions: 995
  • 6 sessions: 1950
  • 9 sessions: 2895
  • Add an in-person Duo Deep Dive: 425 (normal price: 495)

Prices in euros, incl 21% vat for private use or excl vat for business. Invoice provided.

What's included?

  • 1 kick-off in-person session of 2-2,5 hours
  • 2, 5 or 8 private coaching sessions (90-120 minutes) via Zoom or in person (you choose)
  • E-book 'The 6 commitments' on communication in relationships
  • Whatsapp support for short, urgent matters or questions (15 min/week)
  • E-book 'Reconnecting to your Archetypes' to remember your wholeness