Liberated. Fully embodied. In Leadership. Let’s free ourselves from the shackles that hold us back. Let’s fuel ourselves inside out so we can show up as Leaders, with a message that we’ll positively enchant those who need to hear it. You deserve to confidently and authentically show up and serve.

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An enticing Leadership program to become an Embodied Leader with a Meaningful Message

Personal guidance - at your own pace

The Liberated Leadership Intensive is a 12-week (to 9 months) online program designed for you if you’re ready to take the Lead in your professional life and use your voice to make impact. You’ll immerse into yourself and your personal brand using different ways of learning. Go at your own pace with the learning library, and stay committed by joining the live sessions. Need more support to dive deeper? You can opt for 1-1 guidance to maximize your journey.

Step into your inner Leader

Personal Leadership is a conscious, ongoing skill. It’s a muscle that requires training. Most likely you’ll want to step into leadership to boost your professional life. Hooray to you!

During the intensive you will focus on 3 key questions:
Who do you choose to be (identity)?
How do you want to show up (expression)?
What you will do and say to make a difference (message)?


But… this doesn’t stop at the threshold of the office. On the contrary. You are with yourself all the time! Truly embodying your own Leadership means having a message ánd living it… that’s how you make real impact.


Genuinely interested?

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I remember the days when I thought I wanted a big shot career in corporate. That never happened ;-). But I still thought that being in business as an entrepreneur meant that I needed to show up in a certain way. 

You know… I needed to dress a certain way. 

I needed to look a certain way.

I needed to prove myself.
I needed to be seen as an ‘authority’, so I better prove that I have what it takes.
I looked at the leaders in this world: confident, hustling their way though business, pushing through. It felt intimidating. Exhausting. And I couldn’t keep up...

In a nutshell, what changed?

  • I faced my deepest, darkest shadows to change my own, limiting narrative and finally step into Confident Leadership
  • I traveled. I reconnected. Such a cliché, but true ;).
  • I decided to let my heart master my head.
  • I decided to let go of the ‘rules’ of professionalism and created my own definition of being an authority.
  • I stopped trying to please the world, and was okay with scaring people away. I attracted only the people I genuinely wanted to work with
  • I invested a sh*tload of money in myself – professionally and personally to get to the core of who I am (and still deepening this as we speak!)

In other words, I stepped into leadership: I went deep into the shadows to do inner work, so I could step into the light with my personal brand. I’ve now trained and coached many others, like you, to let go of 'shoulds' and step into authentic leadership. I cheer them on to build a strong personal brand on their own terms. You can do this too. You deserve the joy it brings!

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The value of stepping into Leadership is that you’ll:

  • Gain clarity on what you want and how to proceed next
  • Consciously work on your personal brand – like true leaders do
  • Put your whole message into words and learn how to communicate it authentically
  • Reconnect to your courage, so you’ll develop a deeper sense of confidence
  • Transform self-sabotage into power
  • Become recognized for your strength and value
  • Build a strong reputation
  • Attract clients, jobs or an audience that match with who YOU are item
  • Increase your flow of income, because you’re establishing yourself (and price becomes less important)
  • Positively influence how people perceive you (by becoming super REAL)
  • Feel more confident in expressing yourself authentically
  • Know what’s right for you and what’s not (and stick to it)

I’ve been exactly where you are now. AND… I’ve invested 70K and more to develop my personal leadership, branding & coaching skills. I’d love to save you the time and money I invested and simply share everything I know :).


Is this You?

  • You feel there’s a path for you, a role to play, and you want to step into that role so you can purposefully make a difference.
  • You’re done with playing small; you want to embody your inner Leadership confidently.
  • You have a business, but you’ve never established yourself as a Leader with a strong personal brand and an inspiring message.
  • You are at a crossroad in your professional life and you want to FINALLY do what feels right on every level. You seek guidance to align your inner and outer world.
  • You’re in the game already, but you lack direction. You just don’t know how to do things differently.
  • You’re about to start a new business and you want to start right.
  • You’re amazing at what you do, but the idea of visibility or sharing your truth scares you – and still, you know it’s time
  • You simply want a professional to take you by the hand, reflect on your process and take you to where you want to go.


You can fully immerse into the experience of establishing yourself as a leader on your own terms; maybe by going at your own pace DIY-style, maybe by getting 1-to-1 support. Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Full access to the 6 modules of the Embodied Leadership Framework – the foundation of this program. This includes videos, demos, meditations, exercises, tooling.
  • The Brilliant Brand Archetypes book – a unique archetype system designed by your trainer Michelle – that will help you put yourself out there authentically.
  • The Personal Branding Toolbox with 30+ tools, templates, structures, step-by-step plans on e.g. visual branding, positioning, expression, marketing, copywriting, audience and sales.
  • Your Branded Language – a one-of-a-kind e-book on how to use language as a tool to create an experience… and pull people in :).
  • 6 Embodiment practices to get your juices flowing from head to heart to pelvis.
  • Bonus course: Basic Business Game Plan to enhance your business skills – mindset, product levels, pricing and all.
  • Bonus course: 1 year access to the in-app course ‘Audacious Audience Identifyer’ to help you get clear on who you wish to serve
  • Bonus course: Canva Tutorial to amp up your DIY digital design skills
  • 24/7/365 Easy access to all material on all devices – app, desktop, etc.

Plus... I will be there to guide you personally!

You can go through the program alone, or work with me 1:1 in six 90-minute sessions. You will receive all recordings, spoken or written feedback on the work you send in, and you'll have a 1:1 hotline with me (Telegram). Most clients choose this option.


Let's just take the first step... risk-free.

“Let’s get the basics right here: the way you carry yourself through life impacts everything you do. YOU are the one that’s always there. How will you become your own foundation?”

This is what you will go through

Embodied Leadership Framework


Instead of wasting time doing the wrong things in the wrong order, staying stuck in that icky ‘I’m not there yet!’ feeling, or risking ruining your reputation, I can take you on a journey through my prove, one-of-a-kind 6-step method, the Embodied Leaders Framework – tried and tested, always improved.

IDENTITY: Start with YOU

Yes, we all know you need to know your ‘why’ to live a life of purpose. And knowing why you do what do you, is amazing! But if you’re still hesitant to put yourself out there, if you still feel that you’re somewhat scared of what people might say (which is only human) or to get a ‘no’ (nobody likes rejection), you might have a dream, but you won’t make it a reality.

Here’s what you need to know: to become visibly authentic, you need to dig up what’s invisibly stopping you. Your fears, your ugliness, your shortcomings, and… your power, wants and needs. You need to start with YOU. We’ll spend a lot of time on building confidence and really understanding your true identity.

Module 1: All of You Activator ™
Module 2: Brave Brand C.O.M.P.A.S.S.™

EXPRESSION: Decide how you want to show up

Your ex-press-ion is about pushing out what’s within. You start inside. But you knowing your amazingness is irrelevant if people have a completely different perception. How you show up impacts that perception. Is this about your clothing? Your looks? The pictures on your Instagram feed? Heck no! It’s about the energy that you put out first and foremost… the rest is just decoration.

This means getting real with yourself. What energy are you radiating now? Is that honoring all of you or only a small part? Not expressing yourself fully can actually make you feel miserable. That does NOT mean ‘just winging it’. it means connecting with certain archetypes within you and developing them consciously. During the training you’ll be taken through a unique, holistic archetype system I have developed myself and cannot be learned elsewhere.

Module 3: Brilliant Brand Archetypes ™
Module 4: Got the E.D.G.E. Gateway ™

MESSAGE: Get clear on what to do and say

Anyone who steps into leadership and builds their brand will speak up for their beliefs. After all, you’re not just a pretty face, you got something to say as well. This means getting clear on what these beliefs are and how you can communicate them. You’ll learn how language can influence people’s perception of you and how you can utilize language to strengthen your personal brand. More importantly, you’ll learn how to align your words with action: embodiment.

You’ll learn how to write a bio about yourself, that clearly states your value, beliefs and strengths. This will help you to position yourself on your LinkedIn profile, website, social media content, and a lot more.

…Oh and there are countless hands-on tools and templates available for you. Be ready to implement your message straight away!

Module 5: Powerful Message Maker ™
Module 6: Conscious Content Creator ™

“A first impression is not about what people see; it’s about how people feel. Leaders understand this.  They understand the power of creating an open space for people to feel accepted and seen. What will you do to make people feel that they’re in the right place?”

Your Results?

  • A strong sense of inner Leadership that gives you a remarkable, embodied presence in the outer world
  • Clarity on your Personal Brand with your message at the core
  • A clearly stated vision that will keep you focused on what YOU have to do here on this planet
  • Your pitchbio and key statements you want to be known for: DONE
  • Deeper understanding of the archetypes within you and how to consciously use them to grow and make impact
  • reputation that aligns with how you wish to be seen
  • Less giving-a-fuck about other people’s opinions
  • Being recognized as the Leader you are
  • More LOVE in your heart!!!

About your Trainer

Why not just meet
and get to know each other?

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For this Personal Leadership program to be a success, I only work with people that are eager to put in the work and people I feel that I can genuinely help. That’s not everyone. Wanna find out of you and me both feel a ‘FUCK YES’?! Let’s jump on a call and see what magic is waiting for us…

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“Let’s move beyond expectations. Beyond rules. Beyond the status quo. Beyond prettiness. Beyond faking. Let’s become so raw and real and unapologetic, that the world cannot ignore the sound of authenticity anymore. That’s being Rebelicious – autonomous with a yummie twist.”