Individual Deep Dive

Yearning to learn.

What brought you here?

Let's find out together what you want and need.

Your Body is a Portal

To your Emotions | To your Truth | To your Pleasure | To your Heart To Yourself

There’s so much talk about the importance of being connected to yourself. But what does it really mean?

How do you feel yourself? How can you get out of your head? How can you allow all of your expressions to come to life – sexuality included - in a world that may shame you for it? How can you connect more authentically with people in your life? How can you feel your own boundaries more and voice what you want? Or how can you simply discover new parts of yourself?

The truth is that you deserve that inner connection – if you desire it. Yes. You cán honor every expression within you. Yes. You are allowed to experience more pleasure, joy, intimacy and freedom. And your body is a powerful portal to explore this. To release. To heal. To expand.

Whether you’re merely curious to discover new ways of feeling yourself or whether you’re in a journey of healing… you’re só welcome with me for a one to one session to reconnect with your body, your heart, with you. 

“When we develop a mature sense of sovereignty, we can connect with others a lot more authentically. The body is a powerful portal to sovereignty.”

"What would you like to experience?"

It’s the first question I’ll ask you.
Some people have a clear intention, others have no clue.
If you have no idea yet, no worries. Let me give you some of the most desired outcomes. 
Perhaps it will inspire you!

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… Every Deep Dive session is different and might bring up different emotions or experiences. This is the beauty of it. We decide together what you want to focus on and we'll take it from there. 

No opportunity to come over? Check out what an online session can do!


Let's take a closer look
at some options...

...allows you to reconnect with yourself first and foremost. Sex has little to do with it.

 Tantra: inner freedom

Tantra is a path that leads to liberation and expansion. A basic thought is: what you do with Intention and Attention can turn anything into a deep, expanding experience. 


Potential practices

🔸 Verbal exercices & communication practices

🔸 Visualisations and meditations

🔸 Movement

🔸 Releasing your inner roar: finding your power! 

🔸 Shibari to create new imprints through the use of rope

🔸 Sacred BDSM / Conscious Kink as a way to shift shame, guilt, or painful memories into liberation, empowerment and new connection.

Touch & Massage

Touch can be deeply healing, especially if it's given with unwavering presence. It can be profoundly pleasurable, sensual, releasing... it can even help you rediscover new ways of connecting with yourself and others.

  • Conscious touch: slow, deliberate touch that's specifically designed to help you feel yourself again, and give voice to your yes and no. A very healing, safe and nurturing tool!
  • Tantric massage: a healing and empowering massage to help you reconnect to your body.
  • Energetic massage: a massage that helps to release blocked energy and create a new flow of energy in your body.
  • 5-element touch: to explore how your body responds to new ways of physical contact. A journey of getting to know new ways!

All emotions, from sadness to deep joy, shame to excitement, are welcome.

Please know all touch is one-way only: from me to you. If you feel like you want to be prepared well, check my boundary page here.

Pleasure is amazing.
Yet, do you dare to go deeper?

Play & Pleasure

Our sexuality and desires are part of our human existence like any other part. Sexual energy is what created you in the first place... let's honor this life force energy!

Although most of my clients come to me to look at something deeper within (the therapeutic work), play & pleasure can be an entrance too. For example, to increase or reconnect to your sexual energy.

🔸 Conscious kink is an empowering way to expand your sexual realm, without sexual acts.

🔸 Tantric exercises are beautiful ways to connect with yourself, with me as your supporter.

🔸 Animal play: reconnect to the wild animal within. It's fun, playful and liberating!

Please know that any form of touch is always one-way (not both) and in service of your intention. This is never about sex; I am quite confident that there are other beautiful people out there who’d be happy to nurture you that way.

Curious about online options? Go here!

Therapeutic Shibari

Shibari: the Japanese art of bondage. It might sound like a paradox, but being tied up by somebody who is fully present with you and holds you in the process, can be exquisitely liberating.

The act of surrendering is an art in itself. And yet, it can deepen your ability to trust. To feel safe with what is here; even when emotions, fears or hidden desires appear.

Shibari is a wonderful tool to reconnect with your body, heighten your senses and lovingly face your shadows. I am known for therapeutic shibari, that includes current themes you are facing in your life. The ropes are like an extension of my arms, holding you in the process.

Learn more about Shibari here.

The ropes are like an extension of my arms, holding you in the process.

Perhaps you may want to know this... Having been a communication specialist and (personal) leadership coach for many years now, and having investing loads in my personal and spiritual (tantric!) development, I happily bring in my wisdom and verbal coaching skills too. More about me here.

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It takes a lot of Trust

To be touched, supported and held by somebody you haven't met before. 
Especially when it comes to rope play, sacred BDSM or tantric touch, you want to feel safe. 
So here's my promise to you.

1 indiv session
Everything we do is within full, mutual consent. I will not make assumptions; I ask first.
2indiv session
I give you suggestions, based on my intuition, but you choose. It’s your experience after all.
3indiv session
I regularly check in with you on how you're doing. You can always express if you want to change something.
4indiv session
Complete presence
When I'm with you, I'm with you. Unwavering presence is the key to creating a container that's as safe as possible.

Talk first?

Working on yourself, facing your shadows, maybe even owning some hidden desires can bring things up. As an experienced Personal Leadership coach and tantrika, with knowledge of the nervous system and how trauma works, my aim is to create a space that's as safe as possible.

Please know that the intention is not to 'fix' anything; you're already whole. When I use the word' healing', it's not me doing the healing: it's you. I'm merely a vessel.

Even though this work can be therapeutic, I am not a therapist. If you have any deep, unresolved trauma, I recommend you see a professional therapist first.

Feeling a little hesitant still? Book a free 30-minute consultation first. No strings attached.

“Feeling whole and liberated starts on the inside. With you. Instead of thinking your way to it, how about making a new imprint through embodying your fullest expression?”

Here's how it works

We first connect verbally through an intake. I ask you a lot of questions to know your desires and boundaries, physical health, potential injuries and so on.
Intention setting
We set the intention for the session together. I love making each moment special, so if you're open for it, we can do a little ritual. If this is not your style, no worries... we don't have to ;-)
Main Session
A session is mostly a combination of different tools that I have in my toolbox. We start slow so you can relax and feel safe. Sometimes, new ideas may arise; you can ask to change our plan at any point.
You will get time to integrate, and I will provide you with the aftercare you need. Some holding, a blanket, a sip of water... just let me know what you need.
Closing the session
We close the session together with a small evaluation so you can share, followed by the closing ritual. This way, we both step into the world again without any strings left. Your session will have lasted 2,5-3 hours.

If you have any other questions...

just book a free Zoom consultation or give me a call!