Own your Throne

Starting Februari 8 2023

A 6-week deep-dive for conscious beings who want to devote themselves to mature sense of Sovereignty.

A remarkable journey towards clarity and embodied confidence that will support you in establishing meaningful, authentic connections. 

Yes to becoming more raw.
Yes to becoming more real.
Yes to becoming truly Rebelicious!

Yes to you...


Own it!

"You deserve to feel confident, free and whole... to live life as you desire."


There's a reason why you're here and why you're reading this. I celebrate you for giving this a go. So, why are you here? Perhaps you're done with playing small, feeling shy or wanting to hide. You've been consumed by fear of failure long enough. You're done with the pressure to perform or adjust yourself to the outside world.

Or you might be at a crossroad in your life after a break-up, a shift in your living situation or career change. No matter how positive (or challenging) this change, this might be accompanied by some insecurity. Perhaps you feel out of control, or you simply don't know how to navigate this. This can seem quite scary... especially if you have no idea what to do next. 

In any case, you can feel it in your bones:
life wants you to move in a new direction. 

The unknown is ahead. It may only be a tiny shift, or a big one. One thing you know for sure, is that you'd love to feel more confident, more at peace and experience more joy. Yes, this is the opportunity to recenter yourself.

To Own your Throne. 


What is it that you want?


Yes, YOU are the King or Queen (or whatever genderless word you want for it) of your life. And even though things may seem somewhat clouded, insecure and perhaps even hopeless right now, we don't have to settle of life happening to us. Life does, indeed, happen for us.

Often, feeling insecure or lacking confidence is related to a lack of clarity.

So, during this course you move through 6 steps of the Sassy Soverignty System™ will get clarity on what you want (desires), but also on what you don't want (boundaries). You will learn how to revive qualities within yourself that you've forgotten and you will learn how to use your body as a beautiful vehicle to feel Confident.

What is it that you want?


Yes, YOU are the King or Queen (or whatever genderless word you want for it) of your life. And even though things may seem somewhat clouded, insecure and perhaps even hopeless right now, we don't have to settle of life happening to us. Life does, indeed, happen for us.

Often, feeling insecure or lacking confidence is related to a lack of clarity.

So, during this course you will get clarity on what you want (desires), but also on what you don't want (boundaries). You will learn how to revive qualities within yourself that you've forgotten and you will learn how to use your body as a beautiful vehicle to feel Confident.

“Confident people have developed their inner Sovereign. They've shifted their focus on the external world to the internal world. Not because of self-centeredness, but because they know that this is the only way to truly, authentically connect with others."

Let me reassure you...

I did not always feel confident.

I remember the days when I wouldn't go outside without make-up on, when I'd shame my body when I looked in the mirror and I'd starve myself to fit into society's beauty standards. 

I remember putting up a front to mask my insecurity, just as I remember how I shared my insecurity vulnerably - and still I wasn’t feeling confident on the inside.

I also remember what it was like to keep my mouth shut out of fear of being judged.

Ironically, when I invested over 25K in a speakers training, I had a massive fear of speaking in public. I remember the anxiety attacks, shedding countless tears and a dying a million deaths because of it.

The Courage to Choose

I now speak in front of international audiences, guide my clients into confident leadership and have gained a committed following by making myself known.

All because I learned one thing: to a Leader of Life means being courageous first and foremost.

I learned how confidence is not a constant, how my need to control things was one of the biggest blocks and how the biggest, boldest pathway to confidence was already right there - within me. 

Like it's there within YOU. What you need, is to reactivate the qualities within you that are vital to a deep, embodied confidence. Qualities you might be disconnected from.

I’d be deeply honored to support you on your journey towards confidence. For this, I've developed the Sassy Sovereignty System ™, a 6-step framework that allows you to connect to 6 archetypes within you that you need to Own your T.H.R.O.N.E. Excited?

"Mature autonomy is about being centered within yourself, so you can navigate life confidently, and serve others authentically."

Why this program?

Apart from it being an experience rather than just a learning program, here's why you may want to join.

  • Because you deserve to fully express yourself - regardless of others!
  • Because you'll get crystal clear on what YOU want and what you don't want. Your life, your terms.
  • Because you'll develop a deeper sense of trust in yourself
  • Because feeling more confident will help you get the job or clients you want
  • Because you'll learn to shift fear of failure to joy
  • Because you'll get to stop self-sabotage and set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Because it's time to start validating yourself instead of having others do it for you...
  • Because you'll get hands-on tools and exercises that you can use at any moment of the day when you need it
  • Because it's a conscious reset from insecurity to confidence
  • Because truly connecting with others starts with you being on your throne.
  • Because you'll receive new tools to change your inner reality
  • Because you'll get to make new, healthy imprints

Here's what's included...

Your main gifts


Weekly Workshop Experiences

Interactive, experiential and deeply transformative workshops including visualisations, movement, exercises

Weekly Q&A with Live coaching

To ask questions and receive 1:1 guidance or learn from other

Learning Library

1 year access to additional learning material in the Academy

Your bonus material

  • a LIVE full-day experience, filled with beautiful rituals, exercises, dance and togetherness - hosted in The Netherlands
  • "Treasure your Temple Naturally" - a luscious book with DIY recipes and secrets for a more conscious life
  • 3 Empowering visualisations you can do whenever you feel like it
  • 6 Embodiment Practices to incorporate in your daily life
  • A private Telegram Group to stay connected with each other easily and ask for support

"Yes, but I first need to..."

...Lose weight, gain more experience, make more money, find a partner, [fill in the blanks] 

Honey... waiting to be ready, demanding yourself to be perfect, thinking you need to do more because it's not enough... it won't get you anywhere.

Thís is your moment. Grab it. 

Embodied Confidence

True confidence is not just a mindset. It's something that is embodied. Yes, it's important to understand where your lack of confidence comes from. But it takes more than analyzing your traumas; it requires a new approach to how you live your life, every day.


“Michelle has allowed me to uncover my truth and find authenticity with who I am and how I show up in the world. I feel so much more in flow – not just in work, but in all other areas of my life as well. Thanks, Michelle, for finding the beauty in my soul.”

- Mark Bryant


Here's how this course is set up

During 6 weeks, you'll fully go through a one-of-a-kind methodology named the 'Sassy Sovereignty System ™', a framework I created based on years of experience and education.

This framework takes your through the 6 archetypes (and their shadow sides!) to Own your T.H.R.O.N.E. that are absolutely crucial to embodying self-confidence and feeling soooooo much more aligned with yourself.


Week 1: The Child

Embrace the child that feels hurt and allow the innocence to unfold again. You'll learn one of the biggest secrets to confidence, including the 1 magical word that your brain LOVES.


Week 2: The Alchemist

Own your shadows, rather than rejecting them. This week, you'll transform some remaining victim tendencies to a state of empowerment through a powerful ritual.


Week 3: The Raging Heart

Dare to let your heart become a wild, raging center of power, as you activate your inner warrior. Yes, it will be juicy!


Week 4: The Sacred Whore

Oh yes, your fullest expression includes your sensual self and sexual self. And that also means appreciating your sexy body! We'll work on body confidence and releasing shame.


Week 5: The Noble Leader

Get crystal clear on what you want in your life and learn how to create a framework around solid communication. This is your inner Leader being activated!


Week 6: The Sovereignty

We'll wrap up with a celebrational ceremony during which you'll fully step into your inner Queen or King. You will literally Own your Throne. This is gonna be an unforgettable moment!


Workshop dates: Every Wednesday evening from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm (cet) starting on February 8.


"Working with Michelle has been a great personal development process - it gave me a huge confidence boost. It was really uplifting and helpful. I believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself, and this definitely goes for journey with Michelle. I’ve loved working with her; she is creative and empathetic, and offers a ton of hands-on tools that I can implement straight away."

- Janine Fidom

parallax background

"How is this different, Michelle?"

First of all, you will not be able to receive this methodology, which brings you a unique blend of disciplines, anywhere else in the world.
Second, I'm 100% confident (no pun intended) that this will bring you a completely new experience than you're used to.
It's nourishing, inspirational and high-quality - and incredibly effective, even online.

The best learning is not acquired with knowledge, but felt in the body. Let's activate thát wisdom.
It takes at least 28 days to reprogram your brain. So in 6 weeks you can create lasting effects :).
No one-sided approach here; we'll learn in multiple ways to create a lasting imprint.
A Cool App!
Get access to all bonus material 24/7, wherever you are, through the Brand Rebel App.

And please know, my love, that everything you learn
is based on my own lived experience, not merely books and courses.
This stuff works... I've lived it 🧡. 

You were born with confidence, with all you need to develop into an autonomous, kind human being. It's already there. You simply need to unlearn the the BS and reconnect with your natural state of being."

Your Investment

For full transparency, I will break down the pricing for each element of this course. This would be the price I'd usually charge when asked to facilitate something or sell the item.


  • 6 online group deep-dives with teachings, visualisations, exercises, etc (Value: €1500)
  • 6 Q&A / LIVE coaching sessions (Value: €1500)
  • 1 year access to the Own Your Throne learning library in my app (Value: €250)
  • BONUS 1: 1 LIVE full-day experience in The Netherlands (Value: €444)
  • BONUS 2: Treasure your Temple Naturally (Value: €17)
  • BONUS 3: 3 empowering visualisations (Value: €33)
  • BONUS 4: 6 Embodiment practices (Value: €77)
  • BONUS 5: Private Telegram group for direct support (Value: priceless)

Adding all these parts would bring the total value to €3821, which you will not be paying. I've contemplated this a lot and decided I would like to make this accessible to a larger number of people - especially now that we've been through a challenging time collectively. May this be an empowering part of your journey!

Your investment will therefore be


€997 *

* including 21% VAT which will be reversed if you have a business outside of The Netherlands

"Success is the result of true, daily  commitment. And commitment starts with choice. What will you choose today to create the kind of success you want?"

To make sure that we're in this with people who are equally committed to their growth, please consider if this is for you

This is for you if

  • You're willing to commit to your own growth and development
  • You're ready to own responsibility for how you want to live life
  • You're open to loving and earnest feedback
  • You want to devote a little of your time, energy and money to yourself
  • You're willing to let go of your own beliefs of how you should be or not be

This is NOT for you if

  • You're not open to receiving a mirror that reflects maybe some shadow pieces within you
  • You're not willing to implement the teachings or do the work
  • You love wallowing in drama or victimhood
  • You're allergic to a little woowoo and want everything to be understood with your mind
  • You want to hold on to the idea of being able to do everything on your own...
With a healthy dose of self-mockery, gratitude and an open heart, confidence will never turn into arrogance."

If you have any other questions...

just book a free Zoom consultation or give me a call!