Relationship Coaching that
Inspires you to Lead with Love and Communicate with Care

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The way you carry yourself impacts every relationship in your life. Will you embrace your inner Leader to become your truest Lover?

The Paradox in our Hearts

We desire to be deeply connected, yet we want to feel free. We want to be ourselves, yet want to be accepted, so we adjust. Our desires pose an almost impossible paradox. 

How can we fuse these parts within ourselves, while interacting with others that may mirror and trigger us? How can we be in relationships - especially romantic relationships - without losing ourselves?

The answer lies in developing and maintaining a mature sense of sovereignty while also nurturing the third entity that's present: in any relationship there are at least two individuals and there's a 'we'.

Sovereignty... and Us

You, your lover, and the 'we' wants love, care, attention, nurturing. You all have needs... and sometimes they clash ;). Not to mention all the childhood wounds, patterns, circumstances, habits and relationship dynamics and history that affect your (future) relationship. 

What then? How can you find a new way of maturing in yourself and in your  relationship(s)? How can you re-meet yourself, so you can meet the other in a new way?

The journey of Love is a journey of Leadership. I'm here to guide you on that journey. Are you in?

What Would You like more of in your Life?

It's one of the the first questions I will ask you. It's the first step towards clarity around what you want to invoke. The answer guides us towards the way of working or modality that may serve you best. This can be a mixture of mentoring, coaching, tantra-inspired practices or even bodywork such as shibari (rope play). I happily support you to...

Can I support you on your journey?

Online Sessions

Can I support you online? Not everybody has the opportunity to travel as much as they want.
And well, we have tremendous opportunities to do amazing work online.
Even transformative, healing, empowering work... I've been doing it for years and it can be magical when done right.
Let's think in possibilities!

Wanna be inspired?

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Hey entrepreneur!

Are you deeply longing to Make a Mark as a Leader with your own, unique, Meaningful Message? I invite you to take a look at the Liberated Leadership Intensive... a leadership program for professionals that wish to build their personal brand and make impact.

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Can I support you on your journey?

Fuel your Expression
with your Life Force Energy

“There’s tremendous power in expressing yourself fully. You express yourself through words, through how you love, through your way of relating, through your professional being, through your look. The real gold, however, is the energy behind it: your aliveness, your vibrancy, your sexual energy. Reviving this part of your humanness is the most important step towards feeling whole.”

Your body is wise

Will you listen to how it speaks to you?

Connect with me

Is there anything I can support you with? If booking a Discovery Call isn’t the right fit, please send me a virtual note. I’d love to hear from you!


Some Poetry for You

Real nakedness is not about taking off your clothes.
Strip away the bullshit. Look beyond the body.
Peel off all protective layers. Get naked in every way.
Feel the beauty, instead of seeing it.
Understand the wisdom, instead of hearing it.
Know that whatever you’ve told yourself about you, your past, your potential, is only that: stories.

The truth is you’re unlimited.
You’re the embodiment of love.
You’re deserving of joy.
You’re whole.

Trust that everything is perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect, right in this moment.
Bend, don’t break. Move like water... flowy and elegant.
And most of all.... don’t take it all too seriously.
Laugha little. Laugh a lot. Life’s a playground