Confidently Connected


Confidently Connected is a 1-to-1 customized, private journey for you if you feel that you could use support in restoring the connection with yourself. Whether it's with the aim to show up more confidently in your love life or your professional life, it always starts with how you deepen your sense of sovereignty within.


Inner Leadership

Strengthening your sense of Sovereignty | Deepening the relationship with yourself and others | Getting clarity on what you want in life & love


Reconnecting to you

We can all get there: to that point where you feel disconnected, unsure, overwhelmed, ungrounded, maybe even a little afraid of what the future may bring. Oh, so human you are! Whether it's because of an impactful life event or not... life will confront us with the areas that could still use some guidance.

The thing is... the way that you carry yourself impacts everything you do and all the relationships in your life: with yourself, with your work, with friends, with your partner(s). The invitation that life gives us, is to strengthen our inner sense sovereignty, so we can show up fully for ourselves and others. Are you open to accept this invitation?

Clarity in Love

The longing to love and be loved is as old as time. Can you picture what it would be like to be in a healthy, supportive, exciting relationship? Or are you currently still struggling in this area? 

Whether you're longing to attract a partner or you're in an existing relationship, fact is that your own patterns (e.g. pulling away, getting clingy, wanting to move too fast, resisting love) could stop you from getting the relationship you desire.

What if you could learn new ways, while getting out of your own way, to love and be loved? Would you be open to getting clarity on how you might self-sabotage, an shift that to what you dó want?

The aim: becoming a Leader in Love and Life.

One of our deepest desires is to be free as well as to belong. To feel that we are connected to ourselves as well as others. Our aim is to find how you can step into inner Leadership to support you in establishing healthy relationships.


Here's some themes that we could work with

  • Overcoming self-sabotage in yourself or in relationships.

  • Understanding how your nervous system impacts your daily life, and befriending this.

  • Seeing which patterns are playing out in your (love) life, and learning to choose differently long-term.

  • Learning new skills on how to communicate with your partner, deal with conflict, or express your wants & needs.

  • Gaining clarity on what you want, especially in your relationship(s).

  • Reclaiming your sexuality, and feeling your aliveness
  • Building confidence; privately, professionally, fully.

  • Experiencing more love, joy and abundance within.

  • Deepening your sense of sovereignty, so you can self-regulate with more ease or know how to ask for support in a way that serves you.

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"Sovereignty is the ability to remain or get back into your own center, while you navigate life and interact with people. This means that you bring yourself in. No islanding, no clinging. You accept life as it comes and learn how to shift your perspective around challenges."

- Michelle Coops


Who is this for?

This is for H U M A N S, in any body, with any gender, who want to re-establish the relationship with themselves, so they can relate to others more authentically. Let me give you an idea of the clients I work with.

  • Who want to find the voice of their inner lion, reclaim their strength, and feel liberated.
  • Who are done with the old narrative of what it means to be 'a man' and are ready to give space to all of who they are.
  • Who may sometimes be overwhelmed by a need to perform, the load of responsibilities and a yearning to do it right, and want to find better balance.

  • Who want to get back in touch with their full sexual self, without being judged for it.

  • Want to be met in a relationship that excites and brings them home.

  • Who are done with playing small, and want to start getting real
  • Who long to reconnect to their sensuality and sexuality in a mature way.
  • Who are curious and eager to learn how to stop sabotaging themselves, and stay connected to their hearts instead.

  • Who want to embrace all of their womanhood in their own, unique way, ignoring clichés around femininity. 

  • Want to attract a partner who can meet them where they're at, or improve their current relationship. 

I'm intrigued. Let's meet!


What can you expect?


I'd be honored become a part of your relationship journey. To guide you into the flow of love, as many have said is my purpose and greatest talent. In my 20 years as a communication specialist, personal leadership mentor and Life Designer there's always been one life area that kept fascinating me: relationships. And that starts with the relationship you have with YOU. Claiming your sovereignty.

I merge this experience and my passion with my tantric heart and wisdom to support you.

Therapist or coach?
I work as a coach, therapist and educator. From inner child work to creating new imprints, from working towards goals to learning new skills. I dance between different roles, depending on what presents itself. If specific traumas come up that I feel require a specialist, I will always refer you.

Professional Learning|
I take pride in always learning and going deeper. I am currently a student of Relational Life Therapy®, developed by family therapist Terry Real. I integrate his modality where I see fit. For all my credentials, please go here.

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It takes a lot of Trust

For you to be guided, supported and held by somebody you don't know that well yet. You're allowing me into your life, sharing your some rather vulnerable bits about you and I don't take that lightly. 
So here's my promise to you.

2indiv session
I give you suggestions, based on experience and intuition, but you choose if this option feels fitting.
1 indiv session
I'm happy to challenge you in a loving way to help you see a new path. Know that I'm always rooting for you!
3indiv session
I regularly check in with you on how it's landing for you. You can always express if you don't feel comfortable.
4indiv session
Complete presence
When I'm with you, I'm with you. Unwavering presence is the key to creating a container that's as safe as possible.

Talk first?

Working on yourself could bring things up. And you don't just go about trusting 'anyone'.

So how about we tune in first? Book a free 30-minute consultation. No strings attached.

“Wanting to feel connected is a basic human need that we all have. The beauty is: connection is omni-present. With ourselves, with our breath, with our heartbeat, and yes... also with people. We can learn the art of staying aware of the everlasting connection to it all.”


of the Gift you Give yourself


I'm no ordinary 'coach' who works with you for an hour and sends you home right at the point that you are getting into it. I take more time to go deeper. The length of the sessions reflects that.


What can you choose? 

Choose one of these packages:

  • 3 sessions: 995
  • 6 sessions: 1950
  • 9 sessions: 2895
  • 15 sessions: 4750
  • Add an in-person Deep Dive: 375 (normal price: 395)

Prices in euros, incl 21% vat for private use or excl vat for business. Invoice provided.

What's included?

  • 1 kick-off in-person session of 2-2,5 hours
  • 2, 5, 8 or 14 private coaching sessions (90-120 minutes) via Zoom or in person (you choose)
  • Recordings of all online sessions
  • Telegram support for short, urgent matters or questions (15-30 min/week)
  • BONUS: Access to the course Own your Throne - Sovereignty & Confidence