The 6 Commitments

Lead with Love and Communicate with Care


What are the 6 commitments?


The 6 Commitments is a hands-on framework that you can use to improve your relationships with the help of more effective, safe communication.

Working outside in, the framework shows how circumstances impact your interactions with others - some that require acceptance, others that you can influence yourself. 

The more you get to the core, the more you can positively influence the outcome of your interactions by Leading with Love and Communicating with Care.


The Power of the 6 Commitments

  • It is a hands-on tool to implement in your daily life straight away
  • It will support you in communicating more effectively with your loved ones
  • The framework will invite you to become more clear on what you need in your relationships
  • It shows you the areas in which you may still need to develop and deepen. 
  • It gives you a better understanding of why you may struggle to understand each other sometimes
It's a supportive tool that inspires you to grow and thrive in your (romantic) relationships!
Here's what you'll receive


  • The one-sheet with the essence of the 6 commitments, which includes specific directions on how to apply each step.
  • A deeper understanding of how to understand and apply this model with a short follow-up video training
  • Inspiring, in-depth email training on how to thrive more in your relationship(s)
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Yes, I'm committed to showing up

For myself and for the people that matter to me.
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Meet Michelle

Michelle Coops (1982) has been navigating the realms of communications and personal development for nearly twenty years. With a master's degree in communication and having worked as a leadership mentor and confidence coach for years now, she inspires individuals and couples to Lead with Love. 

Her quest for depth and realness brought her on the path of tantra, embodiment, conscious relating and sexuality. After following practitioners training in shadow work and tantric work, she started working with couples on how to deepen their connection and thrive in their relationship.

In her personal life, Michelle has had quite her share of relationship and dating experience.

Four long-term relationships of which two marriages, many different relationship models (monogamy, open relating, polyamory, you name it), countless on-and-off romances that could last hours, months or years, each with their own meaning.

"I consider almost every part of my relating journey a success; it's brought me to a place of really understanding so many different relationship dynamics. Relationships have been my biggest challenge, and my biggest accomplishment at the same time."

Her fascination with romantic relationships combined with her expertise is now brought together in this framework 'The 6 Commitments'.

"It's a model that works. My partner and I use it every day. I only wish for other people to thrive with the help of this tool like we do."

The extend to which you feel met in your relationships directly impacts how you thrive in life. You deserve the best. Will you devote yourself to this?